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The World Makeover with Stephen Brooks, the architect of ecological harmony

Recording of our PAUA Community Call with Stephen Brooks and our first PAUA Podcast episode

Stephen Brooks is not just a name but a symbol of ecological harmony and community-driven change. As the founder of Punta Mona, La EcoVilla, Alegria Village, and the co-founder of Ecoversity, Stephen has pioneered permaculture and sustainable living practices in Costa Rica, creating thriving models of ecological communities.

His profound connection with nature and his dedication to preserving our planet's biodiversity is reflected in every project he undertakes. From the lush rainforests of Costa Rica to the global stage of the Envision Festival, his work echoes a deep understanding of the intricate balance between humans and the environment. Today, as we discuss "The World Makeover," we're privileged to gain insights from a man who doesn't just dream of a better world but actively shapes it every day. Please join me in welcoming the ever-inspiring, the architect of ecological harmony, Stephen Brooks.

“The most important things in our life we should be radically intentional about.”

— Stephen Brooks

Here's a summary of the key topics he covered:

  1. Personal Background and Journey: Stephen talked about his upbringing in Miami, where he developed a deep connection with nature, particularly through his experiences with the ocean. His early exposure to counterculture, notably through the Grateful Dead, introduced him to the concept of community.

  2. Eye-Opening Experience in Costa Rica: A pivotal moment for Stephen was witnessing indigenous children in Costa Rica being sprayed by a crop duster while playing. This incident deeply affected him and set him on a path of questioning societal norms and designs, particularly around environmental and social justice.

  3. Creating Change Through Education and Tourism: In response to the injustices he witnessed, Stephen started a tour company focusing on exposing high school and college students to the realities of environmental and cultural challenges in Costa Rica, coupled with showing them potential solutions.

  4. Establishing Punta Mona: Stephen purchased land in Costa Rica to create Punta Mona, a permaculture farm and education center. This endeavor was born from a desire to design a different kind of place - one that grows food sustainably, builds innovatively, and connects people back to the natural world.

  5. Ethnobotany and Plant Obsession: An important aspect of Stephen's work involves his deep fascination with plants and their relationships with humans. He identifies as an ethnobotanist and is passionate about exploring and sharing the incredible variety and utility of plants.

  6. Visiting Refugee Camps in Africa: Stephen recently visited refugee camps on the border of South Sudan and Kenya, where he was moved by the resilience and spirit of the people living in extreme conditions. This experience provided him with a fresh perspective on global issues and the urgency of change.

  7. Innovative Projects and Community Building: He is involved in various projects like Ecoversity, which focuses on education in permaculture and herbalism, and Eterna, which aims to redesign global living standards. He also mentioned the Modern Monastery project and an eclipse gathering in Mexico, highlighting his commitment to creating transformative experiences.

  8. Challenges with Bureaucracy: Stephen shared his struggles with government bureaucracy, particularly about his work at Punta Mona and other initiatives. He emphasized the difficulty of implementing innovative and beneficial projects due to permitting and regulatory challenges.

  9. Vision for Global Change and Intentional Living: Throughout the talk, Stephen stressed the importance of intentional living, questioning societal norms, and actively seeking change. He is passionate about creating communities that embody these values and serve as models for a more sustainable and interconnected world.

Overall, Stephen Brooks' talk was a deep dive into his journey of environmental activism, community building, and global consciousness. His experiences, from the early days of encountering injustices in Costa Rica to his current projects, illustrate a life dedicated to creating meaningful change and fostering a deeper connection between people and the planet.

Resources shared during the call

  • - Foundation for Intentional Community

  • - Decentralized network of ecovillages, intentional communities, permaculture farms, social projects, and retreat centers.

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Stephen Brooks is a world leader in creating thriving ecological communities, promoting permaculture practices and fostering sustainable food production models. He is the co-founder of Ecoversity and the Punta Mona Center for Regenerative Design & Botanical Studies, Envision Festival, Eterna, a project that transforms previously degraded land into integrated thriving communities in Costa Rica and also La Ecovilla, Tacotal Colectiva and Alegria Village which together have more than 200 families from 40 countries in a beautiful valley near San Jose, Costa Rica.

Watch Stephen Brook’s talk from PAUA Paris 2023

Follow Stephen Brooks on Instagram @stephenrbrooks

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