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Simple Rituals, Profound Impact: A Talk with Zach Bell

Recording of PAUA Community Call on "Designing your practice" with Zach Bell

In our recent PAUA Community Call, we joined Zach Bell for a down-to-earth discussion about the power of daily rituals. The session, titled "Designing Your Practice," offered practical insights into how small, consistent practices can make a big difference in our lives.

Zach emphasized the beauty of simplicity in rituals. He shared his own routine of dedicating moments to higher thoughts, showing how this small act can add depth to our daily experiences.

A standout point from Zach's talk was the importance of keeping rituals straightforward. He noted that even among those who are familiar with such practices, it can be challenging to establish personal rituals. This led to a broader conversation about how rituals not only serve our individual needs but also help us connect with our community and mark important times.

Zach spoke about an upcoming project: a collection of rituals from various traditions aimed at helping people find practices that resonate with them. He hopes this will encourage the formation of communities around these shared practices. This will be published soon in the namūna library.

He also touched on how technology can support us in integrating rituals into our lives. Zach addressed the risk of rituals becoming routine without meaning, stressing the need for them to be personally significant and supported by community participation.

Wrapping up, Zach shared his own approach to the winter solstice, focusing on reflection and moving forward. His advice was to keep rituals easy and consistent, showing that even the smallest practices can have a significant impact on our lives.

We invite you to watch this practical and thoughtful video, and think about how you can incorporate meaningful rituals into your everyday life.

Zach is a storyteller, entrepreneur, and community builder focused on projects which create a more unified worldview. Co-Founder of MyPlace he leads company vision, community and a growing global sharing movement . As the co-founder of namūna, a 501c3 religious organization, he helps those who identify as spiritual but not religious find their community, build their practice and access rituals for life’s most noteworthy moments.

In 2010, Zach founded Return at the Esalen Institute, where he’s been hosting experimental and intellectual salons for leaders on topics that range from Religion of No Religion to Currency Creation and Post National Identity. His events have led to new companies, non-profits, award winning films, and inspired many talks.

Previously,  Zach has held seed stage, executive marketing roles at Remedy (now SGFY) and  Habitas, and continues to advise global brands, communities, and counterculture movements.

Find Zach at home working on MyPlace, namūna, recording his podcast and surfing in Baja California Sur, Mexico. When not home he’s traveling the world talking about sharing, community and the religion of no religion. His free time is spent writing his first book ‘Not the Only One.’ There’s a good chance he’s in the sauna right now.

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Born in Fukuoka, Japan From a Family of 16 Generations of Samurai and Ninjas, Sensei Zen Takai Grew up Surrounded by Swords. Learning From His Father, Deep Self Studies and Influenced by Zen Meditation, Bushido and Shinto Traditions, Sensei Developed His Own Method of Mindfulness “ the Zen Samurai” Method, a Moving Meditation, With More Than 5,000 Students That Started in the Asakusa Ninja Samurai Dojo in Tokyo, Following New York, Tulum and Now Expanding to the Rest of the World.

In a World Where True Connection and Focus Are Gradually Fading Due the Overwhelming Amount of Information, the Samurai Principles Offer a Timeless Guide to Not Only Mastering Martial Skills but Also Fostering Unity, Empathy, and Harmonious Coexistence.

Meditation Helps You to Develop Your Intuition and to Learn Who You Are. Samurai and Ninja Techniques Help You to Connect With the Elements and Move Forward.

The Zen Samurai Method Helps You to Integrate It All in Your Daily Life.

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