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The Medicine of Your Life with Dr. Richard Grossman

Recording of PAUA Community Call from November 14 with Dr. Richard Grossman

This PAUA Community call1 features Dr. Richard Grossman (LAc, OMD, PhD), a healer and spiritual guide with decades of experience sitting behind the altar in healing ceremonies.

Richard brings a unique blend of wisdom rooted in both modern and ancient practices. His early exposure to the medical field, influenced by his pharmacist father, ignited his passion for plant-based medicines and their profound impact on the mind. Dr. Grossman's journey, deeply entrenched in Asian teachings and shamanism, reflects his lifelong commitment to alleviating human suffering and guiding others toward enlightenment and self-discovery. This call is an opportunity to explore themes of spiritual growth and personal transformation, guided by Dr. Grossman's extensive knowledge and experience.

Out of respect for our community members and their personal journeys, we have removed the visuals of their faces during the question-and-answer segment of the call. This step ensures a safe and private space for all participants, allowing for open and authentic sharing without concern for external visibility.

In the video, Richard Grossman delved into various profound and contemplative topics. The discussion was centered around spirituality, personal growth, and the journey toward enlightenment. Grossman emphasized the infinite nature of personal growth and enlightenment, suggesting there is no ultimate point of arrival but rather a continuous journey of development.

A significant portion of the conversation revolved around the concept of breath and its relation to spirituality. Grossman spoke about experiencing each breath as a gift and a manifestation of the Sacred Spirit or Holy Spirit within. He encouraged embracing the involuntary aspect of breathing, which he described as a natural, self-regulating process that didn't require conscious control. This led to a broader discussion on the importance of letting go of control and allowing oneself to be guided by deeper, involuntary processes.

Participants in the video also shared their experiences with ayahuasca ceremonies, expressing how these experiences often led to profound insights and spiritual awakenings. They discussed the challenges of integrating these experiences into daily life and the struggle to balance spiritual insights with practical life demands. Grossman advised focusing on the present moment and embracing whatever experiences come, rather than trying to control or direct them. He emphasized the value of non-judgmental awareness and attention to sensations in the body, suggesting that this could lead to a deeper understanding and healing of personal issues.

Throughout the discussion, Grossman maintained a focus on the themes of inner peace, acceptance, and the transformative power of spiritual practices. His approach was one of gentle guidance, encouraging participants to trust their inner wisdom and the natural processes of their spiritual journeys.

In summary, Richard Grossman's talk centered on the themes of continuous personal growth, the significance of breath and letting go of control, the value of spiritual experiences in ayahuasca ceremonies, and the integration of these experiences into daily life. His insights provided a blend of practical advice and spiritual wisdom, aimed at fostering a deeper understanding of oneself and one's journey through life.


Follow Richard’s journey and his upcoming book “The Medicine of Your Life” on his new Substack:

- his latest post is quite insightful:

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