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Amandine Roche // How to be at PEACE and consciously navigate through the intensity of current times

Recording of PAUA Community Call from November 7 with Amandine Roche

In a heartwarming PAUA Community call1, Amandine Roche, a human rights expert with a profound background in peace processes and women's empowerment, shared her transformative journey and insights. As a United Nations and European Commission veteran in war zones like Afghanistan and Africa, she has worked tirelessly to turn women into agents of peace post-conflict. Her own experiences with trauma led her to a path of healing through yoga and meditation, which she now teaches to others.

Amandine spoke openly about her near-death experience at 18 and how it set her on a quest for purpose, leading her to human rights activism inspired by a close encounter with the Dalai Lama. Her personal and professional narratives interweave, illustrating her commitment to fostering peace, starting with the individual.

The call was interactive, with community members like Jon and

engaging in thoughtful dialogue, seeking practical ways to apply Amandine's teachings to their lives and work. They discussed the importance of nurturing inner peace, the use of meditation in healing trauma, and how to empower women effectively in conflict zones without imposing external cultural values.

, another PAUA Community member, resonated with the focus on gender equality and asked for advice on implementing quotas and overcoming the fatigue of such demanding work. Amandine responded with empathy, sharing her shift towards more localized, individual-focused peace work and emphasizing the importance of self-fulfillment and healing as precursors to broader societal change.

The session concluded with Amandine offering to lead a meditation, reinforcing the PAUA Community's ethos of inner transformation as the foundation for global peace and empowerment.

Amandine Roche has been a keynote speaker at PAUA Paris 2023 - watch her talk and read the insights of her talk in this post.

Follow Amandine Roche’s work: www.amandineroche | Amanuddin Foundation


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