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The Journey from Me to I to All // Moses Garelik - PAUA Community Call Recording

A crash course on Kabbalah’s approach to the Divine through time & space.

We are experimenting a new format to share our PAUA Community Call recordings in this dedicated section of our newsletter. Please let us know what you think about this format in the comments bellow.

On October 31st we had the pleasure to host Moses Garelik that created for the live participants a beautiful space of switching from reacting to creating.

Moses, began with a proposition for a moment of silence, encouraging participants to connect with their inner selves amidst the chaos of the world. He introduced the concept of the journey from 'me' to 'I' to 'all,' emphasizing the importance of moving beyond reactive states fueled by fear and possessiveness towards a conscious state of love and flow. Moses explained how our primal instincts often keep us in a state of 'me,' focused on survival and possession, but through consciousness, we can embrace 'I,' a state of unity and love.

Participants shared personal stories, reflecting on their struggles between the 'me' and 'I' states, and acknowledged the power of the community in fostering a sense of presence and unity. The discussion delved into the Kabbalistic interpretations of time and space, presenting a shift from a limited, dualistic perception to an unlimited, holistic experience of 'uni-one,' where we simultaneously acknowledge our uniqueness and oneness.

Key takeaways from the call include the transition from reacting to creating, recognizing the limitless potential within each moment and space, and the power of community in achieving a state of collective consciousness and presence. Participants were left with a sense of unity and encouragement to continue exploring the depth of 'I am uni-one,' transcending separation and embracing togetherness.

The call recording with transcript is available on our Circle platform.

PAUA Community Calls
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Mihai Dragomirescu